• Abdominoplasty (Tummy-Tuck) / Mini-abdominoplasty / Lipoaddominoplasty

    Abdominoplasty is the surgical procedure that allows the removal of both fatty deposits and excess skin in the middle and lower abdomen, in order to give the abdominal wall a flat and toned look.

  • Intimate Surgery

    During the last years the demand for procedures aimed at changing the external female genitalia has increased massively. Dr. Macrino normally performs Labiaplasty, Hymenoplasty, Lipofilling of the labia, pubic liposuction.

  • Gynecomastia Surgery

    By Gynecomastia we mean the hypertrophic and feminine looks of breasts in men. The causes are not always well defined, but may involve hormonal and/or genetic aspects or even nutritional habits of the subject.

  • Arm Lifting

    Arm lifting is the procedure to remove excess skin and / or fat that accumulates in the area that goes from the elbow to the shoulder.

  • Thigh Lifting

    The thigh lifting removes excess skin in wrinkled and sagging inner thighs, giving back firmness and a more youthful looks to legs.

  • Liposculpture

    Liposculpture (or liposuction) is the procedure to reshape the contour of the silhouette through the aspiration of localized subcutaneous fat, superficial and deep.

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