• By Gynecomastia we mean the feminine and prominent appearance of breast in men. Causes are not always well defined, but they may involve hormonal or genetic aspects, or even dietary habits of the subject. All of these are what makes a true, false or mixed gynecomastia.

    True is when the mammary gland is hypertrophic, false when the gland is normal but there is an excess of adipose tissue, mixed when both components are present.

    In any case, it can represent a serious problem for the male self-esteem, reflecting domino effect on social life and personal relationships of men.

    In cases of unilateral gynecomastia or in presence of swelling below or around the areola immediate medical attention is needed.


    Depending on which type of gynecomastia we have to correct, there are two main procedures that can be carried out singly or combined: subcutaneous mammectomia and liposuction. In the first case, through two concentric periareolar complete incisions the hypertrophic gland is removed as well as the excess skin between the two incisions. The resulting scar will be a complete periareolar sutured through the round-block technique. In the second case through two small three millimeters incisions, and after infiltration of the area to be treated, a classic liposuction is made.

    There are also high techniques that are used only in exceptional circumstances when the gland should reach enormous proportions.

    At the end of surgery, a specific compression sleeve for gynecomastia will be placed, easily wearable under clothing, it must be worn for about 4 weeks.

    The surgery can last from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the severity of the problem to be corrected and can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia, always in day-surgery formula.


    The postoperative course of gynecomastia is much lighter than other procedures, it requires special attention on patient behalf: rest during the first 7 days, but without excessive limitations; what can be done without feeling discomfort, can be done safely. You can drive after about 4 days and return to sports after 4 weeks.

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