In some patients it is possible to perform more surgical procedures at the same time, but not all of the procedures can be performed together. The criteria that guide the choice of procedures must always consider contemporary intra-opratorY blood loss, the vascularity of various parts of the operated districts and the compatibility of post-operative recovery.

The most frequently matched procedures are: dermolipectomie (breast lift, arms lift, thighs lift, tummy tuck) between them or with breast augmentation, liposuction or face surgery.

Even in the face, several districts can be treated simultaneously with eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, otoplasty and mentoplasty combined with each other or with mini-facelift and facelift.

So although the combo surgery is possible, we must evaluate each case to ensure that a cosmetic surgery does not become a risk surgery.

The benefits of combos surgery are multiple for the patient also in terms of the economic effort required, so that the demand for cosmetic combo surgery is steadily increasing.

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