• The arm lifting is theprocedure required to remove excess skin and / or fatty tissue which accumulates in the area that runs from elbow to shoulder.


    In presence of a good quality and elastic skin, or a not too severe flaw in young patients, Dr. Macrino generally prefers to proceed only by liposuction of the affected area in conjunction with the radio frequency.

    In certain cases it may be sufficient to combine the removal of a small amount of skin along the axillary margin to liposuction to achieve the desired effect (arm lifting in minimal scar).

    In more severe cases, in addition to liposuction, there will be the removal of a lozenge portion of skin is remove, ending in a residual linear scar that runs that from the underarm to the inside edge of the elbow. The sutures are completely absorbable in any case.

    The procedure lasts about 2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia in day-surgery formula.
    At the end of surgery patient will wear a specific compression sleeve that will be removed after 7-10 days.


    After the surgery you have to rest for 24-48 hours, past which you can gradually return to move your arms while avoiding excessive movements.

    Patients will gradually return to normal activities after 10 days, while resuming sports is recommended after about 4 weeks.

    The final result in aesthetic terms as well as the total resolution of the edema of tissues is appreciable after about 6 months from surgery. Scars appearel usually improve over time and stabilize in 12-18 months.

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