• Liposculpture (or Liposuction) is the procedure that allows to reshape and contour the silhouette by aspirating localized subcutaneous fat, both superficial and deep.

    It is important to know that liposculpture is NOT weight loss procedure: the weight loss in most cases is irrelevant (max 3 kg in overweight subjects); but the direct experience of Dr. Macrino has occurred in many cases a big emotional change in self-perception of patients, so as to bring them to “love themselves more” , to take better carein lifestyle, nutrition and physical activity, to radically change their appearance and achieve a degree of self-esteem and self-confidence never experienced before.

    The result of a good liposculpture is very satisfying for the patient, who sees their forms vary considerably in terms of harmony and proportion, and it is long-lasting even: the fat cells (or adipocytes) in fact, DO NOT INCREASE IN NUMBER after puberty, they can only increase their size up to become even visible to the naked eye. That means that an area, treated with liposculpture, is not subject in any way to the return of the removed fat cells. Despite this, following a sharp increase in weight (from 15kg up), the adipocytes of the surrounding areas can grow to such a dimension to take the place of those aspirated, thus defeating in part the result of the intervention.


      During the first cosultation, Dr. Macrino, based on its extensive experience, will determine which procedure best adoptable:

      Traditional Liposculpture: classic liposuction by 3 to 5 mm in diameter cannulas

      Body-Tite®: liposuction accompanied by radio frequency to achieve maximum retraction of the skin in the presence of skin laxity on the treated areas

      Regardless of the technique used, liposculpture provides micro-incisions of about 4 mm, practiced in specific areas to allow access of the cannula, which are then sutured with ONE stitch.
      The treatable areas are:

    • Neck and chin
    • Arms and shoulders
    • Abdomen and hips
    • Inner and outer thighs (saddlebags)
    • Knees
    • Calves and ankles

    • The operating time can vary from 40 minutes to several hours, according to the quantity of areas to be treated and the mass of adipose panniculus concerned.

      Liposculpture can be performed under general anesthesia in outpatient surgey, or under general anesthesia with an overnight stay in hospitsal based on the amount of fat to be aspirated.


    The return to social activities after a liposculpture is pretty straightforward: just 48 after surgery the patient can return to normal activities (except sports allowed after 4 weeks) wearing a specific compression sleeve undergarments. T he immediate mobilization of patient is strongly recommended to facilitate the resorption of edema and the prevention of postoperative thromboembolic phenomena.

    The final result will tend to appear after about six months, but already after 7-15 days 90% of the edema disappears and the patient’s perception of his new forms is nearly complete.

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