• The aim of facelift is to rejuvenate the overall appearance of face by removing excess skin (and possibly fat deposits) and repositioning the underlying muscles, especially under the chin, around the mouth, cheeks and in the forehead and temples area.


      The face can be divided into three main aesthetic units: an upper, a middle and a lower; recently techniques have been proposed that consider and treat the middle third and the lower third as one unit. A full face lift gives back firmness and volume to face, and Dr. Macrino’s experience suggests that in some cases the result can be even amplified by using, depending on patient’s needs, or the transplantation of autologous fat (lipofiling) or liposuction of excess fat deposits (submental region).

      Despite the respect of original patient’s features and facial expression, Dr. Macrino considers the full face lifting a radical procedure generally indicated in patients who have turned at least 50 years of age.Facial rejuvenation needs in younger patients with less severe problems are addressed with the partial facelift (mini facelift), where dermal detachments are reduced, as well as post operative edema and scars width, allowing a faster recovery and an almost immediate return to social.

      The various mini-facelift which can be carried out are:

    • Frontotemporal Lifting (or eyebrow)
    • Mid-facial Lifting (cheeks and perioral area)
    • Neck and chin Lifting
    • All incisions to detach and reposition both skin and muscles lye in areas that are hidden by the natural folds of skin such as hairline and the edge or the back of the ears.

      The result of a facelift can last from five to ten years, however, the effects of time on the soft tissues of face cannot be stopped. Dr. Macrino uses minimally invasive techniques that do not distort the original features of face, allowing a faster post-operative recovery, and guarantee total security of the whole procedure. These techniques involve the repositioning of skin after discharging the gravity tensions on a very strong tissue beneath the skin, called SMAS, though plication or partial removal of it.

      A full face lift has an operative time ranging from 3 to 5 hours, necessarily requires general anesthesia and an overnight hospital stay.

      A mini-facelift surgery, can last from 60 to 150 minutes, is performed under general anesthesia, and day-surgery formula.


    The postoperative course of a mini lifting is for obvious reasons faster and lighter than the full face lift one . From the immediate post-operative and for the next 7-10 days a specific compression sleeve must be worn 24/7 (in the mini-facelift is replaced after the first 24 hours by a compression band) and will be crucial absolute rest. After the first five days the sutures are removed, the compression sleeve will be replaced by a removable bandage to wear for another week. After two weeks patients can gradually return to social life and work with due caution. They can start driving, using hypoallergenic make-up and brush their hair, but for at least 30 days other hair treatments, exercise, sun exposure and overexertion of all kinds are prohibited.

    By that time in fact skin has been strongly distressed and need to be safeguarded, well moisturized and protected from UVA, for men is also requires attention in shaving.

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