• Sometimes the original shape of breasts does not meet the standards of beauty without necessarily having volume issues. Asymmetries of breast, or cone shape, position or size of the nipples may occur even associated with each other in various ways. In certain cases, the mammary gland has a very particular shape, characterized by a lack of tissue (gland and skin) at the level of the lower pole (tubular and tuberous breast).


    To improve the asymmetries all the strategies already described in the various types of breast procedures can be used (augmentation, lifting, reduction) to make the two breasts harmonious between them. It can also occur that different techniques for each of the two breasts or more than one procedure is required.

    In cases tuberous or tubular breast, the surgical technique used by Dr. Macrino is the glandular expansion. Through an incision around the entire areola (round-block) the whole lower pole of the breast is exposed, including the part that sits on the chest; with precise incision of the posterior surface of the gland, the needed glandular tissue can be earned and repositioned at the new sulcus level, below the original one. At the same time implants can be placed, generally in dual-plane. The remaining scar will be only along the full perimeter of the areola. In this way it is possible to reconstruct a natural lower pole and prevent “double profile”. In fact, the tubular or tuberous breasts, if not corrected this way, can easily run into this kind of flaw.
    In some cases, a tubular breast can be corrected with a plain mastopexy through a simple round-block technique with satisfying results in terms of shape, but with no increase in volume. The operating time needed for a breast shape correction is comparable to the breast lift (between 2 and 3 hours), it is carried out in general anesthesia, both in day-surgery formula or with an overnight stay in hospital.


      The postoperative course of breast shape corrections is similar to that of breast augmentation: requires special attention by the patient during the first 7-10 days after surgery. The return to social and work “desk” can also be done 48 hours after the surgery, but it will FUNDAMENTAL part of the patient to follow these rules for the protection of the final result:

    • Wearing the special postoperative bra 24/7 for the first 4 weeks (after the first two weeks it can be taken off for a few hours in case of special events)
    • Do not lift weights with arms nor do ANY KIND movements that need to pull the elbow from the bust in the first 20 days
    • Do not drive for at least 7-10 days
    • Avoid sports for 4 weeks
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