• Otoplasty aim is to permanently correct without visible scars ear flaws, especially the protruding ears, repositioning them properly and giving them a proper morphology in harmony with the rest of the face.

    The surgery is not only suitable for men and women, but given its minimally invasive, can solve the problem in school-age children, preventing them any kind of psychological problem and allowing proper development of social relationships.


    The incision is carried in the rear portion of the ear and the same changes are made at (basin?) and antihelix correcting the imperfections.


    The otoplasty surgery lasts 40 to 90 minutes, is performed under local anesthesia in day-surgery. A couple of hours after surgery, the patient may be discharged with an elastic band to hold 24 hours for the first 20 days, and then only at night or during sports activities for about 3 weeks to avoid contact or accidental traction.

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