• The main purpose of the mastopexy, plain or with addition of implants, is to replace the nipple-areola complex higher and at the same time lift the breast with respect to the submammary sulcus giving back the breast a harmonic and aesthetically pleasant shape when it occurs to be ptotic (tending to fall down) for phenotypic or physiological features, relevant weight losses or after pregnancies.


      To achieve the desired result the excess of skin must be removed and the nipple has to be replaced without touching the mammary gland; the outcoming scars can be, based on the amount of skin removed, of three types:

    • Full periareolar (around the perimeter of the whole areola)
    • Periareolar and vertical (in addition to the scar around the areola you will have a vertical scar from the areola to the submammary sulcus)
    • Inverted T Scar (that compared to the other also presents a scar in the submammary sulcus) when the excess of skin to be removed is considerable

    • All these techniques can be used with or without breast implants.
      There are also other techniques for breast lift, but Dr. Macrino prefers the ones listed above.

      In his experience, Dr. Macrinus found some patients very concerned about the scars that this procedure leaves, especially the vertical one. In fact, as shown in the before / after pictures, all the scars are well hidden without ever disappear completely, and the radical improvement of the general appearance of the breast makes up by far the possible discomfort created by the presence of the scars themselves.

      A breast lift, plain or with implansts, can take 2 up to 3 hours, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia in day-surgery formula or with an overnight stay in clinic.


      The postoperative course of breast lift (with or without implants) is quite similar to the breast augmentation one: requires special attention by the patient during the first 7-10 days after surgery. The return to social and work “desk” can also be done 48 hours after the surgery, but it will FUNDAMENTAL part of the patient to follow these rules for the protection of the final result:

    • Wearing the special postoperative bra 24/7 for the first 4 weeks (after the first two weeks it can be removed for a few hours in case of special events)
    • Do not lift weights with the arms nor do ANY KIND of movements that need to lift the elbow from the bust in the first 20 days
    • Do not drive for at least 7-10 days
    • Avoid sports for 4 weeks
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