• The main purpose of breast reduction is to reduce the size of breasts and to improve their shape.

    The reasons why a woman may decide to undergo this kind of procedure may not only be aesthetic, since an excessively voluminous breasts can cause physical problems at the spine resulting in pain in the neck, shoulder and back pain, abnormal posture and submammary skin deseases, but also serious psychological distress.


    Breast reduction is performed on two fronts: the removal of a more or less large portion of mammary gland to reduce the size of the breast to the optimum volume, and the removal of all the excess skin. All the action turns around the preservation of vascularization and innervation of the nipple; in fact so-called “nipple areolar complex pedicles” are provided and can be upper, lower, medial or double. Only rarely the free grafting of the nipple is used, moved from its original position and in this case the nipple will be insensitive after surgery.

    The outcome of the procedure is a visible scar that runs all around the edge of the areola, goes vertically down to the submammary sulcus and ends horizontally in it (so-called inverted-T scar).

    Regarding the removal of the glandular tissue, it is important to know that this does not guarantee future capacity of breast feeding; this factor should therefore be carefully considered when deciding to undergo this kind of surgery.

    The surgery of breast reduction requires special skill and care by the surgeon, and has a duration of about 3 hours, under general anesthesia and with at least an overnight stay in hospital.


    The postoperative course of a breast reduction tends to be easier than you might imagine. No particular pain is involved, only discomfort associated with sutures, so it is a good idea for patients to be careful and not to “overdo it”, especially in the first 7-10 days after surgery. You will need to wear a special bra for 4 weeks post-op, do not make efforts or excessive movements with the arms for the first 15 days and not to drive for about 15 days.

    Then you can gradually go back to all the daily activities, except for sports that can be resumed after 4 weeks.

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