• Breast augmentation aim is to increase the volume of breasts by the insertion of silicone implants. It is currently one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery, since an underdeveloped breasts, or a not proportionate one, can cause severe discomfort and insecurity in a woman.

    Today the results of breast augmentation surgery are easily predictable, the great variety in shapes and sizes of implants available to the patient allows the surgeon to plan the perfect result, giving priority to the personal taste of every woman. You can get a natural result, or a generous breasts, up to the unexpectedly trendy and most requested fake-look, always remaining in the highest standards of safety.


    The techniques used vary both according to the point of incision chosen for the entrance of the implants (incision in the submammary sulcus, incision on half of the edge of the areola) or to the plane the implant is placed (subglandular or partial submuscular; in this second case Dr. Macrino prefers the “dual-plane” technique as described by Dr.Tebbetts). There is also a complete submuscular plane that is not being used in cosmetic surgery.

    The point of incision to let the implants in may be chosen by the patient according to her own taste and preferences, with one limitation: in case of areola diameter less than 3 cm, the surgeon will be obliged to opt for the submammary sulcus incision.
    Where to place the implants instead is closely related to the quality and thickness of the patient’s skin. in case of thin and pliable tissues or in the presence of stretch marks dual-plane technique is generally preferred, for it guarantees the needed support to implants by the pectoral muscle and at the same time the coverage of the upper edge of the implant, to guarantee a natural and long lasting result.
    In young patients or in presence of thick and firm skin, the choice of the plan to place the implants can be freely agreed with the surgeon during the first consultation.

    Dr. Macrino uses ONLY THE LATEST GENERATION BREAST IMPLANTS, made with highly cohesive silicone gel, with TEXTURIZED biocompatible silicone shell (to bring down the percentage of incidence of capsular contracture) and LIFETIME WARRANTY by the manufacturer. Whether you choose round or anatomical (teardrop), all implants used by Dr. Macrino meet all the parameters listed above, warranty and safety.

    The breast augmentation surgery has takes from 40 to 90 minutes surgery and is usually done in the laryngeal mask airway (the patient has no perception of procedure), in most cases without drainage because the operative field is completely bloodless, and in day-surgery formula. All this allows you to go home the same evening.


      Breast augmentation requires special attention by the patient during the first 7-10 days after surgery. Although the return to social and work “desk” can take up to 48 hours after surgery, the patient will be ESSENTIAL to follow these rules for the protection of the final result:

    • Wearing the special postoperative bra 24/7 for the first 4 weeks (after the first two weeks it can be taken off for a few hours in case of special events)
    • Do not lift weights with the arms or make moves outside of those permitted (that need to pull your elbows from the body) in the first 20 days
    • Do not drive for at least 7-10 days
    • Avoid sports for 4 weeks
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